A decade full of challenge

In 1998, after around 15 years of acquiring experiences of chartering and inland navigation in the ARA-Area, the time had come for Erik Vermeylen to set up his own business. He took over a limited company and four single-hull barges and from that time on General Bunkering Services (GBS) was a matter of fact.

Very quickly a variety of oil traders and oil companies found their way to GBS. Within a few years the company was investing in renewing and increasing the number of double-hull inland tankers. The investments were necessary because the company didn’t have any double-hull tankers. The first double hull type C tanker, ‘Beethoven’ was christened in August 2005. Between 2008-2010 four new double hull tankers joined our fleet. Since august 2012 our first new estuary tanker 'Mozart' is operational.

In 2013, the 'Puccini' joined our fleet, a gasoil bunker barge of 2200 tons. At the beginning of September 2014, the "Strauss" joined our fleet. With her 4200 tons, she is our biggest double-hull tanker until now. The renewal of our fleet goes furthur. On the 1th of March 2015, the new "Chopin", joined our fleet. The casco of this 2300t gasoil tanker was built in Serbia.

Last September the 6600t/7250mmeasuring "Wagner" went into service. The "Monteverdi", our new project, will be added to the fleet in May 2019.

True to tradition, all 'GBS' ships are named after composers. 

Current address Lichterweg 3, 2030 Antwerpen, Belgium. 

Over the years GBS has always been focusing on innovation, an absolute must in this sector! That is why the company will continue with this tendency in the future.

In order to continue to occupy a competitive position, GBS will be diversifying further.Until now the company has concentrated mainly on transporting fuel oil. However, the new double hull type C ships do lend themselves excellently to transporting other goods, including various mineral oils and chemicals. In the future a wide market will be opening for us, full of challenges. With five brand new ships, GBS is going to meet the future full speed ahead. Preferably with you!