A large-scale business

General Bunkering Services is a recognized shipping office. Our company, located in Antwerp, has been run on a family but professional basis for over 20 years.

Our core activities:

  • Transport of mineral oils and gasoil, with barges suitable for black as for white products
  • Our specialisation is bunkering (supplying seagoing ships with fuel) of sea-going vessels with fuel oil and/or gasoil. All our barges are equipped with a bunker boom.
  • Chartering ships for various mineral oils on the instructions of third parties is also part of our day-to-day work

All our core activities are based in the ARA-area.

Obviously we have always been looking forward during the last decades. Thanks to the necessary investments, GBS continues to react to your needs. Thus there are some ten brand new ships at our – and your – disposal, suitable for transporting various types of products. Serving our customers with high quality standards is our main priority but on the other hand GBS pays a lot of attention to the environment. It goes without saying that you can continue to count on GBS old, familiar services, just as you are used to!

Erik Vermeylen


Over the years GBS has always been focusing on innovation, an absolute must in this sector! That is why the company will continue with this tendency in the future.

In order to continue to occupy a competitive position, GBS will be diversifying further.Until now the company has concentrated mainly on transporting fuel oil. However, the new double hull type C ships do lend themselves excellently to transporting other goods, including various mineral oils and chemicals. In the future a wide market will be opening for us, full of challenges. With five brand new ships, GBS is going to meet the future full speed ahead. Preferably with you!